Industry Innovation


Endurance is a global leader in the distributed wind energy market.

Current Achievements and MilestonesWe are excited to have reached the following achievements in a matter of only a few short years:

  • 2015 launches E4660, 39% more energy production than leading E3120
  • Endurance X29 turbine evolves with four new advanced models as planned in 2015
  • Over 950 turbine installations worldwide
  • Over 14 million operational fleet hours reached
  • One of the first E3120’s (commissioned in May 2010) reached 1 million kWhs in March 2015
  • 500th turbine shipped as of Feb 2013
  • 1000th turbine built as of Dec 2014
  • Remote monitoring interface for Endurance turbine owners
Industry Leading ActivitiesWe have undertaken various activities in an effort to continue shaping the distributed wind space on a global scale:

    • Endurance is working to power remote islands such as Hawaii with distributed wind power
    • We are working to develop the latest advances in Siting and Micro Siting techniques and technologies
    • Negotiated highly competitive export rates for Endurance turbine owners through Opus Energy
    • Supporting cutting edge WindLease and Land Rental programs based on market conditions
    • Market development such as investing in Nova Scotia’s COMFIT program

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