From irrigation pivots and processing equipment to simple heating and lighting applications, rural farms consume large amounts of electricity in their day to day operations. The Endurance S343, G3120 and E3120 are robust, durable wind turbines, engineered to produce power in rugged rural environments year after year. As well, Endurance Wind Turbines are designed to produce more electricity at lower wind speeds, substantially improving the economic viability over earlier turbine designs.

Agricultural Wind Power – Key Benefits

  • Lower cost of energy
  • Security against escalating electricity costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Promoting community values
  • Substantial incentive programs available

The Endurance Wind Power Advantage

  • Robust, quiet, safe design
  • High efficiency – good electricity output in low winds
  • Established Dealer Network – BTI Wind Energy
    • Sales support
    • Installation expertise
    • Ongoing customer service

Federal, State and utility/cooperative based incentives for agricultural wind turbine applications can greatly improve the economics of your Endurance Wind Turbine ownership. Sign up here, and your local Endurance Consultant will contact you to discuss which programs are available in your area!
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