Distributed Wind Technology

Key Components

The key compoments of distributed wind technology are modern distributed wind turbines, your property, interconnection and net metering and the local power grid.

  • Modern Distributed Wind turbines

    • Modern Distributed Wind Turbines are designed to produce power that is ready to flow directly back on to the grid through your local power service using standard electrical connections.
  • Your Property

    • Business operators, residential land owners, farmers and institutional land holders can leverage property ownership to produce power locally with a distributed wind turbine.
  • Interconnection

    • Interconnection standards are administered and enforced by electrical utilities and cooperatives and are designed to ensure that equipment such as distributed wind turbines can connect safely to the electrical grid.
  • Net Metering and your local power grid

    • A net meter is a utility installed meter that measures the electricity your home or business consumes and
    • The electricity your wind turbine produces
      • mandated across most of North America
      • Electricity produced by turbine flows through your net meter back on the electrical grid
      • You receive credit on your bill against your electricity consumption
      • Some utilities and cooperatives offer Net Billing which is an arrangement whereby the Utility pays you a per/kWh fee for any electricity you produce over and above your consumption