E-3120 50kW Wind Turbine

Green Energy that works

The Endurance E-3120 50kW wind turbine is designed to produce renewable energy efficiently, reliably, safely, and quietly. This turbine is ideal for larger farms, schools, hospitals, and commercial/industrial sites, and will produce 100,000 – 250,000 kWh per year in appropriate winds.
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  • Reduces the environmental footprint of your electrical energy supply
  • Eligible for renewable energy credits
  • Promotes community sustainability values
  • Lowers and stabilizes energy costs
  • Provides energy independence

Cornerstones of Endurance Design

  • Production Efficiency

    • Most distributed wind customers did not select their site for wind resources, but look to generate power from the wind available to them. Endurance wind turbines are designed specifically for less-than-perfect wind conditions.
      • Swept Area
        The blades capture the energy of the wind. The larger the rotor diameter, the more wind energy the turbine captures. The Endurance E-3120 has a 19m (63 ft) rotor diameter- one of the largest rotor diameters per rated kW in its class- to capture the most wind energy.
      • Motoring
        Motoring starts the blades spinning so the turbine operates in lighter wind conditions than if it relied solely on the wind to start (3-phase models only).
      • Generator Type
        The induction generator produces electricity that can be transferred to the power grid without inverters. This provides lower equipment and maintenance costs and increases overall power production.
  • Reliability

    • Engineering excellence and exhaustive testing are the cornerstones of our wind turbine design, production and deployment process. Throughout initial design and subsequent revisions, all of our models are manufactured to ensure our customers can count on their turbines over a 20-year lifespan. We also offer a standard 5-year warranty on parts and labor for all Endurance products.
  • Safe Operation

    • When the turbine control system detects any fault, such as high wind or a grid power loss, the dual caliper disc brake system activates, safely stopping the turbine until the condition is cleared.
      • Passive Stall Rotor Design
        The fixed-speed rotor aerodynamically stalls the blades as the first layer of protection for the turbine during high winds.
      • ERIC (Endurance Remote Interface Center)
        The ERIC system allows E-3120 owners to remotely monitor their turbine's performance via a website from anywhere in the world. ERIC enables users to monitor their turbine's operational status, live energy production, power output, and offset carbon emissions while operating securely on a VPN network.
  • Quiet Operation

    • Quiet operation is essential for a wind turbine in a community environment. Endurance turbines use slowly turning blades and high-quality manufactured components to make them the quietest turbines in their class.
  • Clean Aesthetics

    • A wind turbine makes a powerful statement about your commitment to the environment and clean energy. Endurance wind turbines have clean lines and make an attractive addition to any landscape.
Configuration 3 blades, horizontal axis, downwind
Rated power @ 9.5 m/s 50 kW
Applications Direct grid-tie
Rotor speed 42 rpm
Cut-in wind speed 3.5 m/s (7.8 mph)
Cut-out wind speed 25 m/s (56 mph)
Survival wind speed 52 m/s (116 mph)
Overall weight 3,990 kg (8,800 lbs)
Rotor diameter 19.2m (63.0 ft)
Swept area 290m² (3120 ft²)
Blade length 9.00m (29.53 ft)
Blade material Fiberglass/Polyester
Power regulation Stall control (constant speed)
Type Induction Generator
Configuration 3Φ, 480 VAC or 600 VAC @ 60 Hz
3Φ, 400 VAC @ 50 Hz 

Single phase available, please enquire. (North America only)

Brake & Safety Systems
Main brake system Rapid fail-safe dual mechanical brakes
Secondary safety Pitch control system (for over-speed regulation) using passive, spring-loaded mechanism
Automatic shut down triggered by : - High wind speed
- Grid failure
- Over-speed
- All other fault conditions
Control System Programmable logic controller (PLC)
User Interface Wireless or wired networked software interface for remote monitoring and control
Turbine & controls 5 years parts and labour
Types1 Free-standing monopole: 30.5m (100ft), 36.5m (120ft), 42.7m (140ft) 
Maintenance Access Safe climbing system
Working space inside the nacelle
Tower-top work platform

1Available tower sizes vary by region. Tower sizes listed reflect our offering for the North American market. The United Kingdom offers ONLY the 24.8m (81ft) and 36.6m (120ft) monopole tower options. Contact your local Endurance Consultant for more details.

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