Edward Doody, Lawrence Doody and Sons Farm

Edward Doody, an E3120 owner in New York State, is "very pleased with the E3120" in fact he says that his, "neighbors are happy to see it and many honk their car horns as they drive by, and we regularly have passersby take pictures."

Sam Scarborough, Ledge Farm

Sam owns an E3120 on Ledge Farm, the first Endurance 50kW wind turbine in the State of New York.  He says, “my site has always had a lot of really great wind and after a recommendation and the opportunity to remove my energy bills, I thought installing a turbine would be a great idea.”

Rob Manning, Farm in Iowa

Rob Manning has installed two Endurance E3120's on his farm in Iowa.

When asked about the turbines, he says "both wind turbines are doing extremely well. They have been producing electricity for over a year, and their performance has been extremely promising. I am happy to say that my electric company is now paying me for the electricity that my wind turbines are producing!Thank you for developing such a wonderful product and for all of your support in getting the process completed. I would certainly encourage other hog owners to consider using this product to lock up their energy costs.”