Green Energy that works

Endurance’s line of modern, induction-based wind turbines brings efficient, reliable, safe and quiet renewable energy to homeowners, businesses and institutions across Europe, North America and an expanding global market.

Endurance owns the industry’s highest producing 50 kW turbine technology and also offers a 225kW turbine technology, which it licenses from Norwin in its targeted geographies.

Our E-Series 50kW turbine is offered with the following tower height options:  80 ft (30m), 120 ft (36m) and 140 ft (42m).

Embracing design principles that have been instrumental to the growing success of large scale wind farms. Endurance has focused on a number of critical design attributes:

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  • Production Efficiency

    • Endurance’s E-Series 50kW product highlights include:
      • Large 290m2 swept area (19.2m DIA) – captures more energy
      • Induction generator, no invertors - we have zero electrical conversion loss
      • High kWh production and lowest cost per kWh in its class
      • Peak capacity output in wind speeds between 5.5 and 7.5 m/s
  • Reliability

    • Engineering excellence and exhaustive testing are the cornerstones of our wind turbine design, production and deployment process. Throughout initial design and subsequent revisions, all of our models are manufactured to ensure our customers can count on their turbines over a 20-year lifespan. We also offer a standard 5-year warranty on parts and labor for all Endurance products. A 10-year warranty is also available on the X-29 225kW wind turbine.
  • Safe Operation

    • Endurance wind turbines are installed in residential settings, university campuses and hospital parking lots. Safety is our number one priority at Endurance Wind Power.
      Safety features include:
      • ERIC (Endurance Remote Interface Center)

        The ERIC system allows Endurance turbine owners to remotely monitor their turbine's performance via a website from anywhere in the world. ERIC enables users to monitor their turbine's operational status, live energy production, power output, wind speed, and offset carbon emissions while operating securely on a VPN network.
  • Quiet Operation

    • Quiet operation is a must for modern distributed wind turbines. Endurance has focused on minimizing noise output throughout the operating range of our turbines. Even at higher wind speeds, the S, G and E series wind turbines are so quiet that they will not drown out a background conversation between two people.
  • Clean Aesthetics

    • Whether Endurance wind turbines are being installed in residential, rural or business settings, the visual impact of our turbines is important to our customers. Clean lines, and smooth transitions from blades to nacelle and tower ensure that Endurance wind turbines are pleasing to the eye in any landscape.