Remote Monitoring

Eric Remote Monitoring

ERIC (Endurance Remote Interface Centre)

ERIC is a proprietary system created by Endurance engineers to enhance the customer experience. Endurance’s Remote Interface Centre lets you check wind speed and see exactly what your turbine is doing, anytime, anywhere. ERIC provides real-time performance data on your computer, tablet or smartphone. This enables users to monitor their turbine’s operational status, live energy production, power output, wind speed, check detailed historical data and offset carbon emissions while operating securely on a VPN network.
Dave Morgan, the owner of an E3120 turbine owner in the UK, enjoys using ERIC “every morning at breakfast using his tablet. I like using ERIC, I like the instantaneous information the system provides in real time.”

In addition to viewing the turbine’s performance online, Dave says, “I like seeing it; I like seeing it spinning in the wind.”