E Series


Our Flagship Wind Turbine

Our biggest selling wind turbine series is the Endurance E Series. The E Series is supported by a large network of accredited dealers, qualified installers and dedicated technical service teams globally. The E Series is quickly recognizable for its shapely nacelle and its downwind design, with its rotor at the back of the nacelle. This takes advantage of the natural force of the wind to orient the rotor for optimum production unlike upwind machines that use yaw drives and brakes to position and hold the rotor facing into the wind.

This simple concept flows through the rest of the E Series design, in which high quality parts, seamlessly integrated, create an elegant assembly that operates very quietly. Of course, such simplicity is the result of years of advanced engineering and technological refinement so every E Series works as beautifully as it looks.

We currently have two turbines in our E Series – E3120, E4660. The E3120 is a 50kW wind turbine, and the best selling model in our fleet. The E4660 is an 85kW wind turbine that is expected to launch in the first half of 2015 in the UK.

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