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How-to-Invest-in-Wind-Background-Image Many Ways to Benefit from Clean Energy Generation

If you are lucky enough to have land and good wind, there is almost certainly a way to benefit from using it to generate clean energy with an Endurance wind turbine. Our wind turbine technology may be deployed differently from one market to the next, depending on your energy project and requirements.

There are many ways for you to reach your business and financial goals from direct ownership. Furthermore, programs such as the Nova Scotia COMFIT and United Wind’s WindLease Program are available for specific regions.

4.Investing-in-Wind-Landing-Page-OEM Direct Ownership

Investing directly in a turbine requires the most capital and provides the most income from energy generated. Determining the right Endurance wind turbine is a function of land size, wind speed, your own business goals and available financing options.

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4.Investing-in-Wind-Landing-Page-Land-Lease Nova Scotia COMFIT

The Nova Scotia Community-based Feed-in Tariff (COMFIT) program enables community organizations to generate renewable electricity and earn revenue from selling it to the grid. Recognized community groups can build small and large wind energy projects, sign power purchase agreements, and feed excess electricity into the grid at a pre-determined rate. Groups that qualify include universities, municipalities, Mi’kmaq Band Councils, Cooperatives, Not-for-Profits, and Community Economic Development Investments Funds (CEDIFs).

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4.-Investing-In-Wind-Landing-Page-Community United Wind’s WindLease Program

Farmers know the volatility of business income from harvest to harvest, year to year. Endurance is working with United Wind to help US farmers and business owners create long-term price stability and reduce their exposure to rising electricity costs.

United Wind and Endurance turbines bring US agricultural businesses access to renewable energy and protection from rising electricity costs for up to 20 years. Find out if your property qualifies for the WindLease program.

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