Incentives for Renewables


When choosing a wind turbine, understanding various incentives that may be available to you is key.

Feed In Tariffs (FIT)

A Feed in Tariff is a policy mechanism designed to accelerate investment in renewables. A FIT is essentially a long term contract with a renewable energy producer where a price per kWh generated is awarded a rate per kW by the unit depending on the technology.

  • Nova Scotia COMFIT
  • The government of Nova Scotia introduced a FIT rate pf 49.9 cents per kWh for small wind. Learn more here.

  • United Kingdom FIT
  • The United Kingdom’s current FIT rate is 16.0 pence per kWh for the 15-100kW band, this rate is in effect from October 2014 – March 2015. Learn more here.

  • Italy FIT
  • Italy introduced its FIT program in 2012. The current FIT rate for turbines in the 50kW range is 26.8 euro cents per kWh.

    Net Metering

    Net metering is a program whereby eligible customers with specific renewable energy generation equipment can reduce their net energy costs. Users export excess electricity they generate back onto the grid for a credit against the energy they consume.

    Net metering is not available everywhere, but various US states do have such a program in place. Learn more about what is available in your US State here.

    Tax Credits

    A tax credit on implementing a wind turbine for distributed energy production is available in specific markets. These credits provide you with a sums that offset tax liabilities.


    In some markets, government grants, are also available to producers of wind power.

    Disclaimer: Not all incentives listed are currently available in all markets, please inquire with your local governing body.