Maximize Productivity

Siting is integral to the efficiency of your turbine and can significantly affect the financial outcome of your wind turbine. Your local Endurance Partner/Dealer provides you with the siting expertise to properly assess your land space available to ensure that you receive the most from your turbine.

What is Siting?

    Siting your wind turbine is the art of balancing the position of your turbine on the most productive location of your property while considering the cost of installing it there.


Why is it Important?

    A properly sited turbine can provide the most returns for your project.

    Optimizes the design specifications of the wind turbine.

Maximize-Productivity Understanding the negative effects of ground-level obstructions.

What to consider?

    Site suitability for construction- is there sufficient space to install and erect an Endurance wind turbine?

    Site suitability for steady wind flow – does the location offer the fewest obstructions that would interrupt wind flow and reduce the productivity of the Endurance wind turbine?

    Site proximity to electrical service – is there an electrical service grid connection point nearby, within 150 m is recommended?