Distributed Wind & The Environment

  • Benefits to the Environment

    • Based on the mix of electricity generating facilities in the US today (including coal, natural gas hydro and others), each kWh of electricity produced is responsible for the emission of over 1 pound of CO2 into the atmosphere. An over abundance of CO2 is the main contributor to global warming.
    • In our homes, on average, we consume 12-15,000 kWh of electricity per year or 30-40 kWh per day. By installing a turbine that produces a similar amount of electricity per year as you consume, you alone are responsible for as much as 15,000 pounds of CO2 that is not being released into the atmosphere!
    • Wind turbines capture attention and make a statement. When a wind turbine is installed and becomes operational, it attracts the interest and attention of friends, neighbors and customers.
    • Making a difference with wind power. Once the local community, of businesses and residential land owners see the first turbines go up, they often follow. This creates a substantial positive effect on the community and the environment at large.